The Artillery celebrates its Patron, Great Martyr Barbara

  The official celebration of the Great Martyr Saint Barbara, Patron of the Artillery Corps, took place on the "Sergeant S AVIVOU", at Polemidia, on December 04th 2018.

  The official celebration was attended by the he Chairman of the Parliamentary Defence Committee, Mr. Marinos Sizopoulos, the Member of both the Parliament and the Parliamentary Defence Committee Mr Georgios Karoullas, the hierarchy of the NG, representative from the Greek Embassy, state and military officers, representatives of the Police Forces and Fire Service, Commanders of Formations and Commands of the NG as well as foreign Defense Attachés accredited in Cyprus.

  After the end of the ceremony, attendees had the opportunity to watch α demonstration of weapon systems assets.

  The Great Martyr Saint Barbara, despite growing up in a idolatrous environment, embraced Christianity. For this reason she was tortured and eventually defeated by her own father. Indeed, according to tradition, as he was leaving from the place of his daughter’s "slaughter", he was punished by the pine Justice, which took the form of a thunderbolt and burned him.

  This "punitive" thunderbolt symbolizes the Artillery fire, which consequently Saint Barbara established as its Patron Saint.