Green Beret Awarding Ceremony

   The Green Beret Award Ceremony to the 2018 class of commandos took place at the "STELIOU MAVROMATI" military camp on November 27th, 2018.

   The new members of the Special Forces successfully completed the strenuous and challenging six-week training cycle before they were able to wear the honoured Green Beret.

   During the above cycle of training, they were trained in the use of personal and other weapons with which the Special Forces Units are equipped, while they attended training courses in the subject of destruction operations, first aid medical assistance in the combat field as well as in mountain battle training and operational procedures of the commandos.

   In the framework of the ceremony, honorary diplomas were delivered to reservists of the Special Forces of the 1990 class, who completed their service in the ranks of the Reserve forces and they are going to the Home guard.

    During the ceremony, with the participation of the young soldiers of the Special Forces, demonstrations were carried out such as precision exercises and physical fitness exercises, as well as execution of tactical patrol movements and tactical operations within the urban environment. In addition, a climbing and descend demonstration took place in the tower that was built specifically for this purpose.

   The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Defence, Mr. Savvas Angelidis, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Defence Committee, Mr. Marinos Sizopoulos, the MEP Mr. Costas Mavrides, the Chief of NG Lieutenant General Ilias Leontaris, the Commanders of the Special Forces Units, as well as relatives and friends of the honoured conscripts and reservists of the Special Forces.

   A special moment during the ceremony was the award ceremony of the distinguished participants to the competitive, international "Cambrian Patrol 2018"  exercise of reconnaissance patrol, in which the National Guard representative team, which took part this year for the first time, won the bronze medal among 28 international teams.

   The “Cambrian Patrol”, which began in 1959, takes place on annual basis, and is comprised of a 65km route which has to be completed in less than 48h. Several military scenarios are taking place during the journey, taking place in the Cambrian Mountains.

   In his address, the Minister of Defence congratulated the new members of the Special Forces for the successful completion of their intensive training. He then invited them to wear with pride and honour the honoured Green Beret, symbol of courage and bravery, ready to respond to the glorious tradition and history of the Special Forces, a story written in the battlefields by defending the integrity and independence of the Homeland.

   He congratulated the members of the Special Forces that took part in the "Cambrian Patrol 2018" exercise, honouring the substantive distinction that they earned. He spoke about the ever-higher bar placed by the Special Forces, remaining at the same time ready to respond to any challenge against the Homeland.

   Finally, he thanked the reservists of the Special Forces of the 1990 class for their long-term services at the Reserve Forces, while he invited them to join in the new framework concerning the institution, adopted by the Ministry of Defence with the Reserve Volunteer Institutions and Volunteer recruitment.