Closing ceremony of the Year of the "Reserve and Home Guard"

    The closing ceremony of the Year of the "Reserve and Home Guard", proclaimed in 2018 by the National Guard General Staff, took place in the Cultural Foundation of the Holy Monastery of Kykkos in Archangelos on the 26th of November 2018.

   During the ceremony, a review of the work carried out within the framework of the aforementioned thematic year was presented, the proclamation of which aimed at improving and upgrading the two institutions and at demonstrating the valuable contribution of reservists and home guards to the preservation of the operational readiness of the National Guard.

   Within the framework of the ceremony, volunteers and home guards, which complete their services to Reserved Forces, were awarded, and insignia was given to the promoted medical personnel of the Home guard.

   A specialmoment was the addresses given by the homeguards (a volunteer and a dismissed), during which both of them confirmed the commitment of all homeguard personnel to their Homeland and their lifelong availability, if the latter needed them.

   The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Defense, Mr. Savvas Angelidis, the Hierarchy of the National Guard General Staff (NGGS), the Director of the Home guard Directorate of the Hellenic Army General Staff (HAGS), Brigadier General Kimon Kostis, accompanied by Commanders of Homeguard Units of the Hellenic Army and a number of homeguards, Commenders of Formations of the National Guard, accompanied by a number of reservists and homeguards, as well as other military staff.

   In his address, Mr. Angelidis underlined the importance of the Reserve and the Home Guard for the National Guard and the defense of Cyprus. He referred to the initiatives of the new invitation system as well as the volunteer homeguard and voluntary participation of the homeguards to the activities, which have been adopted in order to upgrade the two institutions. Closing and declaring the end of the thematic year, he thanked the associations of the Reserve and Home Guard and other organized reservists, for their contribution to the enhancement of the operational capability of the National Guard, through the transfer of knowledge and experience to younger reservists and homeguards and the inspiration they provide to the latter, by their exemplary and unselfish offerings to the Homeland.

   The Chief of the National Guard, Lieutenant-General Ilias Leontaris, in his address stressed the importance of the institutions of the Reserve and the Home Guard institutions for the NG. He pointed out that the NG, recognizing this importance, proclaimed 2018 as the "Year of Reserve and Home Guard" in order to highlight their valuable contribution and to explore ways to optimize their exploitation through further active participation. He thanked the General Staffs of the National Defense and Army of Greece respectively for their cooperation on the frame of the two institutions and encouraged the further cooperation between the Directorates of Reserve and Home Guard of the NGGS and HAGS.