Change of "Guard" to the National Guard

   As part of the completion of the conscripts of 2017 class and the reception of the 2018 class, events and ceremonies took place within the National Guard Formations and Commands.
   XX Armored Brigade

  At the XX Armored Brigade HQ during its ceremony, which is now a tradition for the Brigade, the conscripts who conclude their duty hand over the Brigade’s emblem and symbolically the tanks of their Units to their younger colleagues, urging them to maintain the operational operability of them, be trained in their use and be ready to undertake a mission when required.

   On their behalf, the new conscripts, after receiving the tanks, commit themselves to continuing the efforts of their older colleagues with zeal and enthusiasm.

    The Brigade Commander’s Order of the Day commended the older conscripts for their offer and wished them every success in the difficult field of life that opened in front of them.

   Interesting, however, was the farewell speech of a withdrawing soldier, which is attached.

   Speech of the 2017 class soldier

   Navy Command

    In the same context, the Navy Command and in particular DEPAS organized the "Night of the Sailor" in which, except of the official part, awards were given to distinguished sailors in various fields during their duty. The event attended by the parents of the withdrawing seamen as well as the young ones was enriched with an artistic program of music and dance groups in traditional, popular and modern dances.

   Similar events took place in the other formations and commands of the National Guard.
    The Chief of NG Lieutenant General Ilias LEONTARIS congratulated the Commands for these initiatives, which show their real interest towards their personnel and their families, and addressing the withdrawing soldiers, seamen and aircraftmen, stressed that after serving for 14 months they were trained in their military tasks but also ready, and also "good citizens", useful to their families, to society and to homeland as well. He also pointed out that he is proud of the work is being done in the NG and stressed the fact that the 2017 class’ term of duty ends without any loss, consequently to the good and effective education and the implementation of safety rules and measures in every activity. He said that “Congratulations again belong to the Commands and to the staff for their obedience to the rules and the orders of their superiors.

     The Chief urged the soldiers, seamen and aircraftmen of the 2018 class who joined the National Guard recently to show the same zeal and enthusiasm in every aspect of their military service. He stressed that their training would be hard and very sweaty, but with a lot of love and interest from their commanders and the rest of the staff of their units.

     Finally, he thanked the parents and the relatives of the conscripts for their confidence to the NG, the families of the rest of the staff for understanding and supporting the work of the NG’s units as well as the local authorities both for the support and the constructive cooperation they surround the units of the National Guard.