The NG Hierarchy’s visit to Navy Forces

    The operational capabilities of the "ALASIA" General Support Ship (GSS) and the readiness to assume its mission had the possibility to  be realized by the Chief and Deputy Chief of the National Guard, with their participation in an  all-day voyage within the framework of a three-day training exercise conducted by 28 to 30 August 2018.

     Brief history

     The ship was built in 1968 at the Brooke Marine Shipyard in England as a yacht for the OMAN royal family named "AL SAID". In 1983, after being converted into a warship, he was given to the Royal Navy of OMAN, after being renamed to "AL MABRUKAH" and it was used as a corvette and as a training ship until 2013 when it was decommissioned.

     In April 2016, the tanking transformation began in order to be delivered to the Republic of Cyprus and in May 2016 the ship was renamed to "AL SALAM".

     On January 23rd , 2017, it began his journey to Cyprus under the OMAN flag, traversing a total of 3028 nautical miles.

    On February 7th, 2017 arrives at the port of Larnaca and on the 14th of the same month at the handover-takeover ceremony of the ship to the Republic of Cyprus, it is renamed to " GSS ALASIA", taking its name from the ancient name of Cyprus.

   Since then and until now it has been used by the National Guard Navy as a General Support Ship.

   In May 2017, during a scheduled voyage, a ship was damaged. The damage, the age of the ship in combination with the bureaucracy of the process imposed its immobility for about a year.

    The damage was restored and the ship reactivated by taking immediate action, since during its inertia the training of its in-service personnel and the maintenance of its means and its other systems continued to be maintained, retaining in this way the readiness of its crew to undertake a mission.

     Ship’s capabilities allow the undertaking of a wide range of missions either acting on its own or in participation within various formations with other ships and are summarized but are not limited to:

  •     Marine area surveillance
  •     Participation in Search and Rescue operations
  •     Transportation of staff
  •     Transferring the operational image
  •     Logistics support to other ships of the Navy Command, ie power supply, fueling, water supply.
  •     Organization and implementation of Naval, Technical and Regular Training Schools for the crew of other ships and Navy Staff.

    During the long voyage were conducted naval training of tactical and technical nature, and also the navigation and C2 systems as well as the ship's self-protection weapon systems were tested.

    "GSS ALASIA" is a useful "tool" and NGGS intends to use its capabilities for the benefit of the Navy Forces and the National Guard in general.