Visit of the Director of International Relations Directorate of the French Armed Forces

     The Director of International Relations Directorate of the French Armed Forces, Vice-Admiral, Henri SCHRICKE, visited the headquarters of the National Guard General Staff, on the 14th of November 2019, and had a meeting with the Chief of the National Guard Lieutenant General Ilias Leontaris.

     The Chief of the National Guard started off by welcoming Vice-Admiral SCHRICKE to the island and informed him regarding the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus.

     In addition, General Leontaris referred to the issue of immigrational flow and growth in numbers of illegal immigrants in Cyprus, stating that the Republic of Cyprus does not control its entire territory due to the invasion and occupation of part of its territory and as a result illegal immigrants use the occupied areas to enter into the free zone.

     Lastly, he referred to bilateral cooperation mainly through armament programs, to trilateral cooperations as well as mutual participation in programs such as PESCO.  

     The French Vice-Admiral, in turn, said that France's long-term support for Cyprus will continue, emphasizing the importance of the Republic of Cyprus's support for French ships and aircrafts. He also referred to areas of cooperation such as PESCO, cyber security and armament programs.