The NG contributes to the "chain of knowledge"

  The National Guard, as part of its social service activities and operating as an integral part of society, participated in the symbolic event of the transfer of books and literature of the old Library of the University of Cyprus to the new modern building of the Information Center-Library "STELIOS IOANNOU" which held on Monday November 19th 2018.

  During this initiative of the University of Cyprus, volunteers from all Cyprus implemented a human chain of about 5 kilometers long, transferring hand by hand the books, giving in this way a strong message of recognition of book as one of the most important vehicle for learning, entertainment and personal progress, through which the much-needed case of education and culture, which are nowadays neglected, is being promoted.

  The National Guard, demonstrating its social character, implements and also actively participates in initiatives of organizations aiming at the emergence of "constants" that contribute to the preservation and further upgrading of the intellectual and cultural background of its members. In addition, through the aforementioned collaborations, it cultivates in its members a spirit of voluntary consciousness and social synergy in order to contribute in its way to a secure and promising future for the Homeland.