Black Beret Awarding Ceremony

The Black Beret Award ceremony took place at the camp "STAVROU STYLIANIDI" on Friday November 16, 2018.
The ceremony took place jointly for all 2018 class of soldiers and contracted NCOs of all National Guard Units who are entitled to wear the black beret, thereby contributing to maintaining and strengthening bonds and relationships of the members of the Armor Corps.
     The honored personnel received the black beret after completing the basic training course during which they performed the prescribed shots with the machine guns and firearms with which the armored vehicles are equipped while being trained on driving as well as executing  tactical movements with armored vehicles, and in the provision of First Aid assistance in the battlefield.
The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Defense, Mr. Savvas Angelidis, the Chief of NG Lieutenant General Ilias Leontaris, Representatives from the Local Authorities, Commanders of Formations and Commands of NG, President of the Armor Reservists Association, supervisor officers of the Honorable Officers, delegations of military personnel, as well as their relatives and friends.
In his address, the Minister of Defense congratulated the new beret holders for the successful completion of their training period, proving during this time their willingness to testify all their mental and physical qualities to the service of the Motherland. He then invited them to wear the honored black beret, symbol of courage and bravery, with pride and honor and be ready to respond to the brilliant tradition and history of the Armor Corps, a history written in the battlefields in order to defend the integrity and independence of Homeland. In addition, he has defined responsibility, seriousness and code of values and virtues as the guide in the difficult task they are undertaking from that moment, stating that they will respond with responsibility and self-confidence to the resposnsibilities towards the Homeland.
At the end of the ceremony, attendees had the opportunity to view demonstration of cross-country track and obstacles training field. A particular moment was the hand over of black berets from relatives to a number of black beret holders.