Presence of the CHOD in the oath-taking ceremony of the new NCOs

    The oath-taking ceremony of the 2018 class Non Commissioned Officers took place at the Non-commissioned Officers Academy at the "LT Gen CHRISTOS KAVRAKOS" camp in Trikala on Friday, July 13th, 2018.

    The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Minister of National Defense, Mr Fotis KOUVELIS, the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Kyriakos KENEVEZOS, the Chief of the Army General Staff, Lieutenant General Alkiviades STEFANIS, representatives of the local authorities as well as relatives and friends of the ones who have taken the oath.

    Within the framework of the ceremony, graduation diplomas were presented to the young Non-Commissioned Officers, while honorable distinctions were awarded to distinguished students.

    It is noteworthy that a graduation ceremony of Non commissioned officers, graduates from the respective Army Academy, hadn’t took place for the last 2 years due to the fact that the courses durations had been increased from two to three years, a modification made upon a decision taken by the Ministry of National Defense.

    The Lieutenant-General Ilias LEONTARIS also attended the ceremony, who, during his stay in Greece, delivered a speech to the students of the Military School of Staff Officers in Thessaloniki in the context of their education and training.

    Prior to the oath-taking ceremony, the foundation ceremony of the new Logistics Center of the Academy was hosted, in which they will be able to be housed, in approximately 2,450 sq. Meters, the premises of the new cuisines and restaurants of the academy, a project financed by the Republic of Cyprus in return of the support of the Greek Armed Forces to the National Guard of Cyprus.