Awarding Memoirs to the Hellenic Executives Serving in Cyprus

   The ceremony for the memorandum of the Republic of Cyprus for the "Service in the National Guard" for Greek executives who completed 18 months of service in Cyprus was held at the "CHRISTOS SAMARA" camp in Nicosia on 10 July 2018.

   The Minister of Defense, the Chief and the Deputy Chief of the National Guard gave the executives a medal with a corresponding ribbon and a diploma, in a modest and simple ceremony.

  The Minister of Defense, Mr. Savvas ANGELIDIS, thanked the executives for their services and through them, the Hellenic Armed Forces and the Hellenic Republic for their long-term offer to the Republic of Cyprus.

  The ceremony was also attended by a representative of the Greek Embassy, ​​Senior Officials of NGGS, Formation Commanders, and the Commander of Hellenic Forces in Cyprus, Heads of the Diractorates of NGGS as well as executives and their families.