The NG in exercise "CYP / FRA-03/2018"

As part of the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Defense Matters between the Republic of Cyprus and France, the small-scale aeronautical exercise (PASSEX) under the name "CYP / FRA-03 / 2018" between the Cypriot Navy Command and a frigate of the French Navy was conducted.

During the exercise, which took place in the marine area south of Larnaca, participated the PS "IOANNIDIS", the arrays of EXOCET MM40 BLOCK2 of the Cypriot Navy Command, the means of the French frigate, and 1 A / A AW-139 of the Cypriot Air Force Command.

The training subjects included an exchange of liaison officers with the French frigate, a Mari-time Interdiction Operations with a naval boarding contingent consisted by French personnel from the frigate boarded on the PS, an exchange of nautical interest information for the purpose of the composition operational surface status, advanced maneuvers and warship formations, as well as aeronautical cooperation with Deck Landings from the AW-139 A/C to the frigate heliport.

The exercise was successfully conducted, contributing in this way to both further deepening of the cooperation between the Navy of the cooperating States and also promoting the level of training of the crews of both the vessels and flight assets of the NG.