Exercise “NIKITIS–DIMITRA 2018”

    The National Joint Exercise of the National Guard under the name "NIKITIS-DIMITRA 2018" was completed on Sunday, June 24th, 2018.

    The purpose of the exercise was to maintain and to enhance the operational capabilities with the appropriate training of personnel on a realistic basis, on issues related to Combined and Joint operations in dealing with conventional and asymmetric threats.

    The operational design as well as the execution of the exercise was based on the full exploitation of the modern tools of operational design and control as well as the corresponding collection, analysis and the distribution of information and assessments, while the utilization of the knowledge and experience of the officers was an important factor in its success.

    The exercise involved a combination of operations at all the three operational dimensions (land, sea and air) as well as the participation of all the involved Services and Authorities of the Republic within the defense.

    Additionally, scenarios were examined concerning the Reserved forces, the Logistic Support, the Traffic Control Procedures, the Air Defense as well as the wider cooperation of the National Guard with the other services of the Republic.

    The Hierarchy of the National Guard, with the support of the Exercise Administration Team responsible for the monitoring of the exercise, visited the exercise areas where they attended closely all the activities that took part. During their visits, they identified the level of readiness and combat capabilities of the Forces as well as the progress of the National Guard's adaptation within the program of its transformation.

    The Chief of NG, expressed his personal delight, noting that the detailed, productive and effective teamwork of the participants, combined with the accuracy of the actions and the coordination of the departments, demonstrated the high ethics, the level of discipline and the loyalty of the staff towards the fulfillment of the mission, highlighting in this way the operational capabilities of the National Guard.