National Guard’s participation in ‘INIOCHOS 2018’ Training Exercise

In the framework of the operational training of the National Guard’s Units and the international cooperation with other countries, the National Guard participated in the multinational exercise "INIOCHOS 2018" from 12 to 16 of March 2018 at the Air Base of Andravida in Greece.

The exercise “INIOCHOS 2018”, organized by the Greek Air Force General Staff were being conducted throughout Athens’s FIR, and ended officially on March 23, 2018. Except for personnel and means of Greece and Cyprus, in the exercise were participated personnel from the United States, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and Italy.

The aim of the exercise was to realistically train the participants in conditions to meet challenges of a complex operational environment.

National Guard’s personnel and means during their stay they participated in collaboration with the other countries' teams in the joint planning of the scenarios that were planned to be conducted during the exercise. Additionally they took part in a number of Combat Search and Rescue missions and supportively in corresponding targeting missions.

Given the high professional level of the participants and the complexity as a consequence of a large number of the implemented weapon systems, the exercise "INIOCHOS" aspires to become the most competitive exercise in Europe and the Mediterranean area, providing participants with a high level of education and a unique experience throughout the participation.

The National Guard’s staff who took part, gained significant knowledge and experience while it left excellent impressions concerning both the accuracy it acts during the undertaken missions and also the professionalism it presented in all the phases and aspects of the exercise.