Dual Effort exercise "IANOS"

    Within the framework of the operational training of the National Guard, Units from 1st and 6th Infantry Brigades and 20th Armored Brigade performed in the Kalo Chorio’s training field the double effort exercise "IANOS" on Friday November 10, 2017.
The scenario of the exercise was for a gradual escalation of the relations with the enemy and an aggressive action by the usage of armored and motorized units on his part, which, with the support of the Artillery and the Air Forces, undertook offensive action in a specific area of ​​the forefront where he was intercepted.
    The NGGS, in order to eliminate the hostile threat, ordered the 20th Armored Brigade to counter attack with the support of the Artillery and helicopters.
In the exercise participated Infantry, Armored and Artillery Units of the NG's Brigades as well as helicopters of the Air Forces Command.
The exercise was attended by the Chief of National Guard, Commanders of fFrmation and Commands, executives of all grades, including contract soldiers who attend at that time their basic training courses as well as National Guard’s officers.
The Chief of the NG congratulated all the participating Commands and their staff for the excellent organization and execution of the exercise and stressed that exercises without the execution of fires would continue as they realistically train the military staff without requiring security compromises such as firefights.
He pointed out that the purpose is to train the personnel in combat conditions and to familiarize with the decision-making process from all the levels, as they will be called upon to operate under pressure, in a time and psychological manner, with lack of information and communication. For these reasons, he asked the personnel to be trained in realistic conditions and to lead according to their mission. Finally, he stressed that education requires imagination, keenness, realism and verisimilitude.