Army Composition

The Armed Forces comprise the Active Armed Forces, the Home Guard and the Reserves.

The Active Armed Forces comprise the Army Land Forces, the Navy and the Air Force.

 Combat and Combat Support branches are called Arms. The Service Support and Logistic Support branches are called Corps.

 More specifically, Combat Arms are the elements of the Armed Forces tasked to conduct war or participate in war. These Arms are the Infantry, Armour and Artillery.

Combat Support Arms are the Engineers and Communications (Signals).

Support Corps are the elements of the Armed Forces that provide administrative or logistical support. These are the Technical, Supply and Transportationand Ordnance Corps.

 Common Corps are of a general nature and comprise the Medical Corps (Doctors and specialists who hold degrees in various specialized medical fields such as dentistry, pharmacology, psychology, biology, nursing, administration etc.), the Defence Diplomacy Corps, the IT Corps, the Recruitment Corps, the Finance Corps, the Legal Corps and the Music Corps.

 Military personnel are distinguished into career personnel, personnel hired on a contractual basis and conscripts.

Career personnel are officers and NCOs who join the army upon graduation from a military academy or a non-commissioned officers School, respectively, or who were appointed by the Minister of Defence after a competition.

Soldiers hired on a contractual basis are persons who have volunteered to serve in the armed forces for a specific period of time.

Conscripts are those who enlist in the army in accordance with the respective legal framework. Their service at the time being lasts 14 months period.