Force Composition

The National Guard consists of the Current Armed Forces, the Home Guard Bureau and Reserved Forces.
It consists of three Branches; the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.
Particularly for the Army, its two main branches are the Arms and the Bodies.
Arms are the elements of the Army, whose main task is to conduct war or to participate directly in it. These are:
a.   Combat: Infantry, Armored and Artillery.
b.   Battle Support: Engineer and Communications.
Bodies are the elements of the Army that provide administrative or logistical support. These are:
a.   Battle Support: Technical, Supply and Transportation, Combat Supply and Ordnance, Research-Informatics and Medical.
b.   Other Bodies: Financial, Audit, Musical. Common Bodies of the Armed Forces are the Recruitment Office and Judicial Secretaries.
Military personnel are split into categories with respect to how they have entered the Military, Permanent Officers, Contractors and Conscripts.
Permanent Officers are those who join the army in order to have a professional military carrier; they have either graduated from a Military Academy as officers or non-commissioned officers or they have enlisted in the army after entrance examinations.
Contractors have signed a contract voluntarily and joined the army for a specific period of time.
Conscripts are those who do their military service in the army in accordance to the respective legal framework.