“FINABEL” Coordination Committee

 The “FINABEL” Coordination Committee was founded in October 1953 by the Ministries of Defense of France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. It’s the oldest military committee and marks a collaborative bond between the Armies of European Union Member States. The Committee, whose assemblies are attended by the Commanders of the member states’ armies, strives to encourage the interoperability of land forces, regarding their involvement in military operations, through the harmonization of procedures, as well as to promote the development of a common European perception in matters pertaining to the Army.

 The National Guard was inducted into the Committee in 2008 and has since been actively involved in its meetings and endeavors. In June 2010, the National Guard organized a gathering of Standard Military Experts in Larnaka, and in April 2013 took over the Presidency of the Committee, which culminated in April 2014 following the conclusion of an annual meeting between army commanders in Nicosia.