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The emblem has a white pigeon holding on its beak a branch from an olive tree.

The logo of the Military Police is “Order-Law -Discipline” which describes MP mission which is defined in assuring the military regulations, the discipline among military personnel, as well as safety and correct appearance of the force, outside the barracks.


In Greek language the Military Police is called "Stratonomia", which is a combination of two words. The first one is the word "Strato" (it means army), and the second one is the word "Nomia" (it means law). The meaning of the whole word is the award of justice.


Two crossed pennies in laurel branches (Symbol of the Legal Branch), an ancient sword (Symbolism of military training) and the emblem of the Common Branches at the center of the image, which indicates the interdisciplinary status of the Legal Branch. The background of the emblem is light blue, similar to the distinctive color of the Legal Branch.
Verse: "Fair and Proper": With a spirit of justice and linked to our debt to the homeland. The verse comes from Thucydides (Pericles Epitaphios).


The words right and proper are closely associated with the mission of the Legal Branch, which is, among other things, to ensure the necessary for the Armed Forces human resources through the engagement of the citizens, because it is imperative for the personnel of the Legal Branch to execute always their mission in accordance with law and to what the debt to the homeland obliges.