Officers' Clubs - House of the Conscript Soldier

National Guard’s Clubs are Military Units that are administratively subordinate to the Military Commander of the Garrison and are entitled "Νational Guard Club ............." accompanied with the name of the city or region in which they are located.

They operate in order to serve the nutrition and entertainment needs of the active duty officers and NCOs as well as the non military personnel who serve on the Ministry of Defense or the National Guard, the retired officers and the staff of the Greek Embassy.

For the fulfillment of their mission, the National Guard’s Clubs are properly organized and manned.

Members of  the National Guard’s Clubs:

  • All the active duty Officers, Officers Designate, NCOs and enlisted officers belonging to the three Branches of the Armed Forces (Army - Navy - Air Force), who serve in the National Guard or in Greek Forces in Cyprus.
  • The retired G/C Officers, WOs and NCOs. If they wish to do so the Greek Officers, who reside permanently or are temporarily in Cyprus could also use the National Guard’s Clubs services.
  • The non military personnel who serve on the Ministry of Defense or the NG, as well as the staff of the Greek Embassy.
  • Family members enjoy the service of regular members.

The National Guard’s Club is located in Nicosia (90 Larnaca Ave., Aglatzia, tel. 22417912, 22673723).

The National Guard’s  Club of Pafos is located in Pafos (Griva Digeni Street 30, tel. 25413917, 26912028).


The National Guard’s Club of Limassol is located in Limassol (Aiolou 12, tel. 25413379, 25362682).

The National Guard’s Club of National Guard is located in Famagusta (116 Protara Ave, tel. 24411724, 23730230).

The National Guard’s Club of Kakopetria is located in Kakopetria (9 Girva Digeni, tel.22412236, 22922187).

The Conscript House is located in Nicosia (29 Apollon, tel. 22417914, 22662531).

The HCS can be visited and enjoy the services offered at the scheduled hours of operation, either in uniform or civil attire by showing their military identity card or entry card, the following:

• The enlisted personnel of NG.

• The enlisted personnel of the Greek Forces in Cyprus.

• Families and friends of the above, under the assumption of being accompanied by them.