The Military Medals, in order of value, are the following:

• Excellency of Valor.


• War Cross.


• Medal of Excellent Acts.


• Medal of Military Value.

• Excellent Service Medal.

• Commemorative War Medal.


The commendations implies the execution by officers of certain duties or services in the National Guard and is expressed by a corresponding medal, interference and diploma. The categories of commendations, in order of value, are of the:

• Chief of the Army.


• Leadership of a military Formation or of the Navy Command or of the Air Forces Command.



• Efficient Commanding.


• Long time Officers' Services.


• Service as Staff Officer.


• Service at General Staff.


• Service to the National Guard (awarded to military personnel of foreign countries).


• Participation in Peacekeeping or Humanitarian Missions.


The Distinctive Home Guard Emblems are shown above:



It is moral awards, which has been set up to promote the noble rivalry and the morale of the staff and the soldiers. They are awarded for outstanding performance in the Service, exemplary commitment to duty and outstanding service. They can be distinguished in:

  • Praise
  • Honorable Mention
  • Congratulations
  • Promotion to lance corporal

Officer or Non - comission Officer who participated in a Peace or Humanitarian Mission outside the Territory of the Republic, under the auspices of the United Nations or the European Union (EU) or other international organizations and has been awarded or not with a moral award, by the mentioned international organizations or a foreign state, after his repatriation he may be held it upon approval by the Minister of Defense, after it will be issued on a proposal from the Chief of the National Guard.