National Guard General Inspection

 The General Inspection Directorate of the National Guard is the authority that audits, inspects and evaluates the performance of National Guard bodies.

 The General Inspector:

  1. answers directly to the Chief of the National Guard.
  2. conducts periodic and surprise inspections and evaluations based on set procedures and makes recommendations to the Chief of the National Guard General Staff for corrective and/or preventive measures.
  3. gives feedback with essential findings and conclusions to enable the relevant bodies of Defence and Operational Planning to make changes to structures, organization, planning, etc.
  4. supervises and oversees the implementation of instructions, orders and guidelines of the strategic doctrine of the National Guard General Staff by Formations and Units and monitors the general security situation, training personnel morale, combat effectiveness, and the manner of implementation of military regulations, instructions, orders and directives issued by the military hierarchy.
  5. supervises, inspects and evaluates the Formations, Combat Teams, Units, Independent Sub-units and Services of the National Guard concerning the implementation of health and safety regulations.