Army Support Directorates


The colors of the Combat Supply and Ordnance Corps of the Army are blue and red. They symbolize the blood of logisticians killed in action (red color) in providing support wherever is needed (blue color - under the blue sky). Beyond the colors, its emblem includes six cross spears (three on the right and three on the left site) and also a helmet, all framed by a laurel wreath. Its meaning is that, according to our history, both the spears and the helmet were the necessary materials for the ancient Greeks to defend their forefathers land and their families as well.

The motto of the Combat Supply and Ordnance Corps is “Αρχή ήμισυ του παντός” which stands for “The beginning is half of all”.


The colors of the Technical Corps are red and blue, while its emblem includes a bay, two crossing canons, a gear wheel and a thunder. These parts symbolize the mission of the Technical Corps as far it concerns the support of the weapon systems (canons), the vehicles (gear Wheel) and the electronic material (Thunder).


The mission of the Technical Corps is to maintain the technical material and equipment of the Forces and to sustain and restore its fighting capabilities.

The mission of the Technical Corps lies to the following topics:

•    Maintenance - Reliability of any kind of technical equipment of the Forces.
•    Recovering and transport the destroyed heavy technical equipment.
•    Conduct inspections on technical equipment.


The insignia of the Supply and Transport Corps consists of a round-shaped laurel envelope which surrounds a wheatear and two wings. The round-shaped envelope symbolizes the transport while the wheatear stands for the supply and maintenance. Finally, the wings stand for air resupply.


The mission of the Supply and Transportation Corps is to maintain stocks of the Class I and III supplies by estimating the needs, drafting the annual budget and monitor the progress of supplies procurement, under its competence. Additionally it provides assistance concerning the transportation of supplies, materials and personnel by using its own transport means. Finally, it drafts studies and issue technical specifications for the procurement, as well as technical orders and manuals for the technical supervision of methods used by the Units, in order to handle their equipment and materials.


A cane with a snake on it helmet pointed out on the figure of Cyprus.
Verse: “Τη του ιητρού επιεικείοι ευδοκέοντες”

Symbolism of the emblem

The cane is the symbol of antiquity doctors who traveled to cities offering their services to patients.

The snake is the symbol of the God of hygiene, Asclepius, and its use by ancient Greeks had the notion that like when the snakes removing their old skin they look new, as the God of hygiene, by curing the diseases of the people, preserves their youth.

The depiction of the helmet shows that the emblem expresses the Sanitary of the Army.

Byword: It’s the meaning of "having confidence in the doctor's love for mankind".


The mission of the Medical Branch is the military support of the Army during peace and wartime in order to preserve the integrity of the force and its combat effectiveness. Additionally it provides contribution to the State for dealing with emergencies.