Awarding Black Berets

     In compliance with the traditions of the Armoured Forces, a Black Beret Award Ceremony took place at the “STAVROS STYLIANIDIS” Military Camp on October 25, 2019, where conscripts and professional soldiers who completed successfully their training were awarded their black berets.

     The black beret was awarded to two classes of professional soldiers, including men and women, and to the conscripts of the 2019 class, who earned it by completing their training in the Armoured forces school successfully.

      During training, “Mavroskoufides” – the Black Berets, underwent meticulous training, including firings with the weapon systems borne by tanks and armoured vehicles, such as guns and machine-guns; driving; tactical movement and First Aid on the Field. 

     The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Defence, Mr. Savvas Angelidis, the Chief of the National Guard, Lieutenant General Ilias Leontaris,  National Guard General Staff Officers, representatives of the local authorities, Commanders of Formations and Commands, the Chairman of the Armoured Forces Reservists Association, delegations of military personnel,  as well as family members and friends of the honoured men and women. 

    The Minister of Defence in his address congratulated all professional soldiers and the conscripts for earning their berets after the successful completion of their training, and the Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers, who had the responsibility to train the new Armoured Forces men and women, systematically and methodically, producing yet another generation of Mavroskoufides

    He called on the new Mavroskoufides to follow the code of honour and adhere to the values of their Black Berets, continuing to work with responsibility and confidence and rising to the expectations of the Armoured Forces, for the benefit of the country. 

     At the end of the ceremony a demonstration of drill exercises executed by the National Guard’s Demonstrations Platoon took place.