Interstate and National Joint-Exercise «Steel Arrow»


On the 17th of October, 2019, the final phase of the National Guard's Interstate and National Joint Exercise "Steel Arrow" took place at the Kalo Horio Shooting Field.

The exercise lasted from the 14th to 17th of October, with various exercises, from the entire body of the Armed Forces in land, sea and airspace of the Republic of Cyprus.

The Joint Exercise “Steel Arrow” was designed on the basis of a timely and realistic information framework, to showcase the National Guard's Military Capability, a result of diligent effort and continuous training of all personnel.

During the exercise, offensive, defensive, as well as the implementation of various tactics were performed. All the units of the National Guard at all 3 levels of the operational environment (land, sea and air) were involved, acting from the western to the easternmost part of the island.

The final phase of the exercise was watched by The Minister of Defense, Mr. Savvas Aggelides, Theophilus Episcope of Mesaoria Mr. Grigorios as the respresentative of the Incubent Archbishop, Mr. Chrysostomos, the representative of the President of the Parliament and member of the House Standing Committee on Defense Affairs, Mr. Giorgos Karoullas, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, Georgios Georgiou, the Director of the Civil Aviation Department, Panayiota Demetriou, the General Staff of the National Guard and of the Hellenic Force in Cyprus, the Defense Attaches that serve in the Republic of Cyprus, the representative of UNFICYP, mayors of neighbouring municipalities, journalists, correspondents of channels, executives and soldiers, were present at the final phase of the exercise.

As part of the final phase at Kalo Horio. other than National Guard’s departments, 3 F-16 Block 52+ of the 115th Combat Wing Tactical Hellenic Air Force, participated simulating air to grand attacks with some Low Appex maneuvers. Furthermore, in the context of the Joint Exercise “Steel Arrow”, a PASSEX exercise was executed in the sea space between the ships “Path Ioannides”, “PP Georgiou”. “PP Tsomakis” and “PP”  

At the end of the exercise, the Commander of the 2nd Infantry Brigade Brigadier Michalis Hatzidemetriou, mentioned that the exercise was executed in a realistic basis with effective cooperation and complete coordination between NG’s units, and was defined by discipline, speed and momentum, which will have tremendous benefits for the staff of the National Guard.

General Leontaris in his turn thanked those that were present to watch the final phase of the exercise and mentioned that consencus and synergy are essential components for the success of National Guard, principles that characterized the exercise throughout its duration. |Concluding, he congratulated all those involved in the execution of the exercise and praised the high level of combat capability of the units.

The Minister of Defence, congratulated the Chief of Defence, praised the professionalism showcased by the personnel and emphasized the importance of the continuous improvement of staff and upgrade of the equipment of the National Guard.