PASSEX «ΔΝ/ΠΝ – 01/19»

 A Passing Exercise (PASSEX) was conducted between ships of the Naval Command and the Hellenic Navy (HN) in the maritime area south of Limassol Bay in the framework of the summer training cruise of the Hellenic Naval Academy (HNA) of Greece, codenamed «ΔΝ/ΠΝ – 01/19».

 In the exercise participated the frigate Hydra (F-452), of the MEKO 200HN design, HS Rodos (L-177), a Jason-class LST, of the HN and the OPV Ioannides (P-61), the FPB Tsomakis (P-03) and the FPB Ammochostos (P-05) of the Naval Command.

 The main objective, which was set, was to develop interoperability and synergy, as well as to further promote the excellent relations that exist between the Hellenic Navy and the National Guard.

 The co-training program included Formations – Advanced Maneuvers, Logistics Exercises, as well as countering Asymmetric Threats to the Maritime Environment.

 The meeting for the preparation of the exercise was held at the frigate Hydra, in the Port of Limassol, where the ships of the HN were docked, with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class of the HNA onboard. There are 22 Greek Cypriot Naval Cadets total in the three classes of the Academy.