Exercise “NIKITIS–DIMITRA 2019”

  National Guard’s National Joint Exercise “NIKITIS – DIMITRA 2019” completed on Friday, June 7 2019. 

  The aim of this exercise was to maintain and further advance the operational effectiveness of the Armed Forces, with specialized and purpose – built training of all staff in subjects and missions engaging all National Guard’s units at all the three operational dimensions (land, sea, air).  

  Exercise’s planning and execution was based on creating an intelligence frame, focusing on intel collecting, analysing and distributing, while maintaining the background of the operational environment in order to succeed personnel’s training in realistic basis.

 During the exercise, several scenarios were conducted, combining operations from all branches of NG, practising and strengthening Joint and Synergy. Several Republic of Cyprus’ services relative with Security participated in some scenarios. 

  Objects including the optimized management of all available means, the reaction of Staff’s infrastructure in planning and coordination tasks, the accuracy and effectiveness upon dealing with a task or an operation, were examined through several scenarios dealing with conventional and asymmetric threads. 

  The Hierarchy of the National Guard paid visits to all exercise areas attending to several activities that took place. During their visits, they identified the level of readiness and combat capabilities of the Forces, the level of discipline and the loyalty of the staff towards the fulfillment of the mission.

  Chief of National Guard Lieutenant General Ilias Leontaris, expressed his personal delight for the quality further advance of staff’s training and NG’s operational capabilities and especially for the productive and effective teamwork of all participants in the frame of Joint and Synergy.