Cooperation and Co-training between the Armed Forces of the Republic of Cyprus and Israel

  In the frame of Bilateral Treaty and implementation of the Military Cooperation Annual Plan between the Republic of Cyprus (RoC) and Israel, exercises “IASON -2019”, “NIKOKLIS - DAVID – 2019” AND PASSEX “CYP/ISR – 01/2019” were planned and executed, over a wide area of land, sea and air of the RoC.

  “IASON – 2019» exercise took place between 20th and 29th of May 2019, with helicopters and staff of both Countries' Armed Forces (AF) participating and training in missions of Closed Air Support (CAS), Suppress Enemy Air Defence (SEAD) and Personnel Recovery (PR) from Hostile Area.

  At the same time, the exercise “NIKOKLIS - DAVID – 2019” was conducted, with Special Forces’ units of both countries’ AF co-training in missions of Built-up Area Battle and Guerrilla Warfare, in a difficult, mountainous environment, simulating, as much as possible, a real battle field.

  On the 29th of May, the Multinational Small Scale Passing Exercise «CYP/ISR – 01/2019» conducted with the participation of units from Israeli Navy and National Guard’s (NG) Commands of Navy and Air Force. Among others, Gun Exercises (GUNEX), Asymmetric Threats (ASYMEX), Fire fighting, Mechanical Failure and Winch (WINCHEX) exercises were executed. (Detailed announcement in the following link)

  Having this kind of cooperation and co-training, provides a great opportunity for exchanging views, knowledge and experiences between the staff of each army branch, a fact that upgrades the quality of training and operational readiness of NG’s units and at the same time shows the Armed Forces staff’s quality training and capabilities.