National Guards: Volunteers, Altruists, Selfless

  On May 20, the 2nd Active Citizenship and Volunteering Award Ceremony took place at the Presidential Palace under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis.

  In his address, HE the President said that this event is the minimum sample of the state's due return to all those who are discreetly and unselfishly working at each level for a more humane society.

  Among the categories of prizes, there was the Special Category – Armed Personnel, for which the following 6 National Guard’s Soldiers were nominated as candidates(1)


1. Phivos Floridis

He became the Scout of Democracy 2017. He participated actively in the reforestation of Solea, after the great fire that destroyed the forest of the area,

2. Marinos Meitanis

During his military service, while he was with an overnight leave from his unit, he found a purse on the street, and without a second thought he handed it to a police station,

3. Giorgos Parpottas

He volunteered to participate in the "NO SHAVE NOVEMBER" event, organized by his school, to support the "ARODAFNOUSA" Palliative Care Center,

4. Alexandros Kelepeshis

He had an extensive volunteer action through his school in competitions, activities and events. He participated in European programs such as "etwinning", in the creation of a botanical garden under the "let's do it Cyprus" program, and volunteer programs of the "A Dream a Wish" and the "Cyprus Red Cross"

5. Ilias Irineos

He participated in many races such as the 5-kilometer cross country at Ilias Papakyriakos military camp, the "be active night" event, the charity race part of the 2nd Radisson Blu International Larnaca Marathon and the 60-mile super marathon "Running for a dream to complete one wish" pushing a disabled girl on a stroller,

6. Elpidophorou Symeon

He developed a special volunteer action by helping the poor people, organized by the Holy Metropolis of Limassol, and at the store of the Metropolis. He participated in the movement for collecting medicine, clothing and financial assistance for the Mission to Africa, as well as a Patient Support Group at Limassol Hospital and in the city's nursing homes.


  The 1st Prize was awarded to Marinos Meitanis, the 2nd to Elpidophorou Symeon and the 3rd ti Ilias Irineos. The others were awarded an honorary diploma.

  The National Guard feels honor and pride in having in its ranks such unselfish and altruistic soldiers. It urges them to continue tirelessly volunteering, continuing their work and being examples to be imitated for the next series of soldiers. The National Guard will always be by their side, supporting Volunteerism through a variety of social actions.

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