Chief of National Guard at European Union Military Committee Meeting at CHODs Level

  The Chief of National Guard Lieutenant General Ilias Leontaris participated at the Meeting of European Union Military Committee (EUMC) at Chiefs of Defence (CHOD) Level, which took place on the 21st of May.
  The military Operations and Missions of EU in the frame of Common Security and Defence Policy were the principal themes discussed during CHOD’s meeting.
  During the meeting, CHODs had the opportunity to exchange opinions regarding the EU-NATO strategic partnership and especially on “Military Mobility”.
  The Chief of National Guard in his intervention on the issue of EU-NATO cooperation, stated that the Republic of Cyprus supports that this partnership must be based on the principles of mutuality, inclusiveness of all member states, transparency and with respect to the decision-making autonomy, indicating the necessity for revising the “BERLIN +” agreement, which is not consistent with the afore mentioned principles and excludes an EU member state from this cooperation. General Leontaris added that though the Republic of Cyprus strongly supports an EU-NATO partnership, the obvious hybrid war ongoing by a NATO member – Turkey, with all illegal actions taking place in Cyprus’ National Airspace and Exclusive Economic Zone violating the International and European Law, taking into advantage NATO’s operations in the area, inevitably forms negative perspectives for advancing this cooperation.
  In the agenda were also the Permanent Structured Cooperation and the Coordinated Annual Review of Defence. PESCO and CARD are initiatives that will allow EU to cope with a wide range of challenges ahead and defend safety and interests of all European citizens.
  The Chief of NG set out in detail to his counterparts, about Turkey’s illegal actions within the Republic of Cyprus’ EEZ, which constitutes the most significant violation of our sovereignty since the Turkish invasion in 1974. He also informed the plenary on all actions taken by the Republic of Cyprus.
  General Leontaris expressed his gratitude to the Chairman of EUMC and the Director General of EU Military Staff for their understanding and cooperation. He also had discussions with Chiefs of Armed Forces of Member States and bilateral meetings with the Military Commander of EUCOM, Chiefs of Defence of UK, Germany, France, Italy and the Deputy Chief of Israeli Armed Forces.