Operational Planning School

  In the frame of the continuous education of National Guard’s Staff, the Basic Training of the Operational Planning School took place at the Coordination Center “ZINON” in Larnaka, with the participation of Officers from the 3 Services of the Armed Forces. 
  The Basic Training of the Operational Planning School, which was conducted in two phases, fulfilled on the 17th of May, and lasted for 9 weeks. The 1st phase of the Basic Training followed the method of Asynchronous e-Learning, while the 2nd Phase a daily program with lectures and planning simulations, in the presence of 4 Officers Instructors coming from the Supreme Joint War College of Hellenic National Defence General Staff.
  The Advance Training of the School, lasting 2 weeks, has been scheduled for October 2019, in the presence of the 4 Officers Instructors of SJWC.
  The School’s objectives are strengthening the awareness and acculturating into the concepts of Joint and Synergy, while familiarizing with Operational Planning Procedures, which are common between National Guard and Hellenic Armed Forces, and improving the efficiency of Staff upon Planning and Issuing Operation Orders.
  The Chief of National Guard Lieutenant General Ilias Leontaris, attended a part of the Basic Training and expressed his gratitude to the Instructors and to the SJWC, outlining the high quality and the advanced level of the training provided, and his satisfaction for candidates’ efforts and interest regarding their education.