National Guard Commemorates the Patron Saint of the Army, Saint Georgios

   The official ceremony for the day of the Patron Saint of the Army, Saint Georgios, took place at the Public Square of Pafos’ Municipality, on the 3rd of April 2019.
   The ceremony attended the Minister of Defense Mr Savvas Aggelidis, the Chief of National Guard Lieutenant General Ilias Leontaris, the Most Reverend Metropolitan Bischop of Pafos Mr Georgios, Pafos’ Mayer Mr Faidonas Faidonos, Pafos’ District Officer Mrs Mary Lambrou, the Commander of UNFICYP in Cyprus Major General Cheryl Pearce, Members of the House of Representatives, Defense Attaches based in Cyprus, members of Pafos’ Municipal Council, Retired Staff, representatives and many people.
   The Chief of National Guard, on the Order of the Day, initially referred to the life of Saint Georgios and to the tortures that he went through and managed to overcome with remarkable strength, patience and dignity, making him pioneer between Christian Martyrs and “.. a liberator of captured and defender of the poor”.
   Moreover, addressing to National Guard Staff, Lieutenant Leontaris call them to keep working hard and with selflessness, defending all principles that are questioned in nowadays, in order to render National Guard a component of National Power and Republic of Cyprus a safety and stability pillar for the wide region of Eastern Mediterranean.
   Closing, the Chief of Defense outlined that People of Cyprus surrounds NG with love, the State trusts it and the Church supports it in every way, so on the opportunity of the Army Patron Saint’s ceremony, he urged the Staff to:
 Draw strength and faith from Saint Georgios’ example,
 Be worthy of People’s expectations, exploiting what they ungrudgingly offer,
 Keep working responsible and with good morale, in order to further advance training and operational readiness level of our Units.
   In the frame of Army Patron Saint’s ceremony, on the 2nd of May, an event took place at the Public Square of Pafos’ Municipality, including Exhibition of Weapons and Photographs, Army Drills by a Demonstration Platoon and a Musical Event from the Military Band.