Delivery ceremony of the NGGS building at the Police Headquarters

  After the relocation of the National Guard General Staff and colocation with the Ministry of Defence at a new building on Strovolou Avenue, a ceremony took place on the 30th of April, 2019, in the courtyard of the Police Headquarters, for the delivery of the building that, until recently, housed the NG Headquarters.
  The event was attended by the Minister of Defence Savvas Angelides, the Chief of the NG Lieutenant General Ilias Leontaris and other officers of the National Guard, the Chief of the Cyprus Police Zacharias Chrysostomou and personnel of the Cyprus Police and Mr. Nicos Koshis, former Minister of Defence and former Minister of Justice and Public Order, who had originally proposed the housing of the NGGS in this particular building in 1964.
  During the ceremony a brief historical retrospection was made about the NG and the integration of the Forces Headquarters in the building 55 years ago, on May 1st, 1964.
  The Chief of Defence expressed his gratitude to the Chief of the Cyprus for the excellent cooperation during the colocation of the two services and made a symbolic delivery of the keys of the NGGS’s headquarters. The two Chiefs assured that this cooperation will continue with the aim of ensuring the territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus and the security of its citizens.
  The Minister of Defence, in his greeting, said that today a circle closes and a new one begins with the colocation of MoD – NGGS, which aims to create a less bureaucratic, more flexible and more productive organization. Then he presented Mr. Nicos Koshis a memento from the ceremony, who in his turn, said that all his actions had always been guided by what’s good for the homeland and thanked everyone for the honour he was given him.
  The ceremony concluded with the lowering of the flags and the banner of the NGGS from the building while the National Anthem was played.
  The NGGS is now colocated with the Ministry of Defence at Strovolou Avenue 172-174, 2048 in Strovolos.

History of the NGGS