National Guard participating in «MEDUSA 8/2019»

 The common aeronautical Joint Exercise between Greece – Cyprus – Egypt called "MEDUSA8/2019" completed on the 18th of April 2019.

 The aim of the exercise was to upgrade the co-operation and interoperability of the participating countries, as well as to improve the operational training of their staff.

 The exercise was conducted between April 15 and 18 2019 in the frame of the existing military co-operation between these countries and included activities in the port, at the Naval Base in Alexandria and at sea, in the maritime region of ​​Egypt.

 The objectives examined included planning and conducting amphibious operations with the support of naval and air means, encountering asymmetric threats, surface fire and communications and logistics support, naval as well as air operations.

 During the Day of Distinguished Visitors (DV Day), the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Savvas Angelides, accompanied by the Commander of the Navy, Captain Charalambos Charalambous PN and the Commander of the Air force, Group captain Gabriel Pattihi  attended the exercise aboard on Frigate “ELLI” and then on the Egyptian helicopter carrier “ANWAR EL SADAT”,.

 The National Guard participated in the exercise with the Auxiliary Ship “ALASIA”, an Underwater Demolitions Team and a Staff Delegation.