International Women's Day

  On the occasion of International Women's Day, the National Guard expresses its deep respect and recognition for the important role of Women in the National Guard and in the history of our country.

  The Woman of Cyprus has long proved to be a worthy companion to the historical moments of the Homeland, showing unparalleled heroism in every National Struggle.

  Women have joined the great family of the National Guard, either as candidates in Military Schools, or as Volunteers, or through the institution of the Contracted NCOs, or as civilian personnel, responding to the challenges of the daily routine of the Armed Forces, while maintaining the commitments they have made as mothers, wives and above all as Women.

  The National Guard creates an environment of equality, security and dignity, and has appointed a Project Officer tasked to strengthen the role of women and ensure their equal participation as active members in all NG operational activities, enhancing their ability to rise up the chain of command. An event has been scheduled for the near future, where the provisions of UN resolution 1325 will be developed.

  Happy Women’s Day to all Women of the National Guard and a big thank you for their significant service.