Seminar on “Innovation in the National Guard”

  A seminar with subject “Innovation in the National Guard” took place on Friday, February 22, in the Shacolas Educational Centre for Clinical Medicine.

  Its aim was to present various innovative proposals in the frame for improving existing processes, data processing software and other related systems, in order to optimize the daily operations of the National Guard.

  The seminar was attended by officers of the National Guard, representatives of the Cyprus Police and officials of the University of Cyprus.

  The event was co-organized by the National Guard and the Centre for Entrepreneurship (C4E) of the University of Cyprus with the participation of the Research Promotion Foundation, the Cyprus Organisation for Standardisation, the Cyprus National Security Authority and other Departments of the University of Cyprus.

  During the seminar, various topics were presented and analysed, such as:

  • Data and information on the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation and the possibility of the NG’s participating by Mr. Stavros Kampanella of the RPF,
  • Capabilities of Modelling and Analysing systems by Dr Loukas Louka, of the Department of Mechanical Engineering,
  • Capabilities of the Laboratories and the Equipment of the "EMPHASIS” research centre, by Dr Marco Antoniades,
  • Development of Information Networks and the Use of Drones, by Dr Christos Panayiotou of the "KIOS" Research Centre,
  • Presentation of the European and International Standardization System by Mr. Michalis Zandis of the Cyprus Organisation for Standardisation,
  • Maintenance: European legislation and standards, by the official of the Cyprus Organisation for Standardisation Mr. Yiannis Vasiades,
  • EMF and Energy applications, by Dr George Georghiou of the “FOSS” Research Centre,
  • Autonomous Underwater Gliders for Maritime Security and Safety, by Dr Daniel Hayes of the Oceanography Centre,
  • Addressing challenges in National Security Using technology, by D. Charalambos Sergiou of the National Security Authority.

  In his greeting, the Chief of the National Guard Lieutenant General Ilias Leontaris underlined that we are introducing Innovation to the NG, and knowing who we are and what we are able to support, we can find sectors that can be exploited without affecting our daily operations and mission.

  In addition, he underlined that the NG has personnel with have the appropriate knowledge, experience and willingness, in an environment suitable for the development of the capabilities and the ideas that exist.

  Also, the Chief of the National Guard pointed out that the introduction of Technology in the Defence sector hides lurking issues, and independently of our commitment to it, we must keep in touch with the traditional way of operation.

  The Minister of Defence, Mr. Savvas Angelides, at the end of the seminar highlighted the importance of innovation and research in modern society and praised the fact that the Academic Community has ranked Research and Innovation as a top priority.

  He said that the NG has capable personnel and that in order to move forward, it is imperative that we utilize it and connect it with research centres, aiming to upgrade the Defence and Security sector.

  The event was crowned with success as useful conclusions were drawn and interesting ideas were proposed for upgrading the daily operations and the operational capabilities of the National Guard.