Deployability Conference – PESCO’s «Network of LogHubs and Support of Operations» Program

The 13th Deployability Conference, as well as a Meeting in the frame of PESCO’s Program «Network of LogHubs and Support of Operations» took place on the 11th -12th and 13th -14th of February respectively, in Limassol, Cyprus.

Works of the 13th Annual Deployability Conference of European Union’s Military Staff (EUMS), were focused on the role and derived obligations of EU’s Global Strategy for strategic deployment.

At the Conference more than 50 representatives participated from 15 Member States, the EU Commission, EEAS, OHQ Greece and Italy as well as from three Multinational Strategic Movement Coordination Centres (AMSCC, MCCE, SALCC). They were organized in workgroups for discussing and evaluating Member State’s needs on Military Mobility. Their goal was to achieve progress on the effort for a quicker and more flexible reaction and transfer of support in missions and operations.

The 2nd Meeting in the frame of PESCO’s Program “Network of LogHubs and Support of Operations” took place, succeeding a first meeting happening in Germany in September 2018, with participation of more than 30 representatives from 14 Member States.

Meeting’s works were focused on the progress made concerning the obligations, as they were set out in Germany and proceed to planning future tasks as they derived from the specific Program.

In his welcoming speech, the Chief of National Guard General Staff, Lieutenant General Ilias LEONTARIS, underlined the crucial role of Logistics on supporting missions and operations. Moreover, he mentioned the Republic of Cyprus’ capabilities in assisting such operations. To that end is the participation of the Republic in the program of “Network of LogHubs and Support of Operations” proves its willingness to engage closer with other Member States in this field.

The Director of Logistics Directorate of European Union Military Staff, Brigadier Manuel Gorjon RECIO and staff of state Directorate, visited the Naval Base “Evangelos Florakis” and Airforce Base “Antreas Papantreou”.