Completion of the “DYNAMIC FIST - 2018” exercise

  The final phase of the joint exercise of the National Guard under the name "DYNAMIC FIST - 2018", which took place on a large portion of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus and lasted from 05 to 10 of November 2018, took place on Friday, November 09th, 2018.

  This exercise is part of the annual military training program and was carried out after the completion of the basic military training of the 2018 class, and after their placement into the Units.

  During the exercise, a number of individual small-scale exercises took place in which the tactics and the procedures of both the Combined and the Joint operations were examined in the context of dealing with both conventional and asymmetric threats within the three levels of the operational environment (land, maritime and air).

  The purpose of the exercise was to present the operational capabilities of the NG, which it maintains and for which it is working in a daily bases in order to upgrade them.

  The final phase of the exercise, which was held at the KALO CHORIO firing range, was attended by the Minister of Defence, a number of members of the Parliamentary Defence Committee, the entire NG Hierarchy along with the Commanders of its Formations and Commands, representatives of the Political and State Authorities, Defense Attachés from foreign countries accredited in Cyprus, representatives from UNFICYP, and delegations of military personnel.

  After the end of the exercise, the attendees had the opportunity to visit a static exhibition of military assets and other weapon systems.

  The Chief of the NG expressed his gratitude to the entire personnel who involved in the successful design and conduct of the military exercise and urged them to continue working with the same willingness, determination, tenacity and professionalism. At the same time, he stressed out that the diligent, innovative and productive work, combined with the accuracy of the firing shots, the coordination of the tactical movements and maneuvers, as well as the excellent performance of the actions on land, sea and air, have contributed catalytically to the achievement of the goals of the exercise, highlighting the high level of discipline, the dedication to duty, and the commitment to the common goal of accomplishing the mission of the NG.