Home guards at the "PARMENION-18" exercise


    Within the framework of the year dedicated to the Reserves and the Home Guard forces, as well as in the context of the upgrade of the two institutions, a group of 8 people composed of homeguards from a corresponding unit of the National Guard participated in the final phase of the "PARMENION-18" exercise, which was held from October 05 until October 12 in Greece.

    As part of the agenda of the above participation, a protocol for Special Co-operation and Relationship Strengthening was signed between a National Guard homeguard unit and a corresponding unit from the Hellenic Army General Staff, by the Directors of Home Guard Directorates of the NGGS and the HAGS.

    It is emphasized that a special co-operation protocol was signed during a competitive firing exercise held in June in the KORNOS shooting range, with the participation of NG homeguards teams and a representative team from HAGS units respectively.

    The participation of homeguard personnel of the NG in training activities with corresponding units of the Hellenic Armed Forces, not only provides the obvious operational benefits by contributing to the development of the capabilities of the homeguards, but also proves once again the excellent and admirable cooperation between Greece and Cyprus in the defence sector.

    The positive reaction of the participating Homeguards is indicative, as reflected in their words:

«… It was an unforgettable experience that will always be engraved in my memory.

… the zeal and enthusiasm of the homeguards to offer and be trained at the Alexandroupolis Battalion, taking into account that homeguard service is 100% voluntarily, was very impressive.»

Homeguard Mixalis Savvides

«… We experienced some unique and moving moments and we left with very useful experiences for the future. We met charming people, both soldiers and citizens, but overall Greek patriots, as well as places of particular beauty.

… Our homeguard brothers of the Alexandroupolis Homeguard Battalion, as well as from other battalions, embraced us with warmth and made us understand how close to Cyprus is Evros area, and the rest of Greece in general.

… I will never forget … the prolonged applause of the attendees, when after the end of the exercise it was announced that the Greek-Cypriot homeguards will be honoured.

… these kinds of activities, stimulate our morale and the pride that we as Greeks have for our origin. Personally I feel honoured and I hope that other fellow homeguards will have the opportunity to feel our emotions.»

Lt (HG) Giorgos Kazantzis

«… No words can express my feelings about the experiences from my mutual participation in exercises with the homeguards of Alexandroupolis and the attendance of the impressive exercise during the night.

… I believe that this initiative was totally succesful and I want to believe that this cooperation will continue into the future.»

Sgt (HG) Ioannis Michaelides

«… Our impressions, our feelings, our emotions and our experiences were unprecedented, life experiences I could say.

The hospitality was unique and beyond our expectations in Greece.

The way they treat and handle the institution of the Reserved Forces and the need they feel to continuously train in order to be prepared when the Motherland needs them has left a particular impression on me. …»

Homeguard Xristodoulos Eustratiou

«… The exercises that we participated in, along with our brother homeguards of Alexandroupolis Battalion were an unforgettable experience that confirms the unbreakable bonds between Greece and Cyprus.

These exercises should continue and should be reinforced even more in order to further tighten our relationship and to continue co-training for the general interest.

The whole experience was unique and will remain unforgettable to me.»

Capt (HG) Ioannis Kollakides

«… Our experiences, the feelings and the emotions that we've experienced were unique.

… We've met some charming people, we saw ourselves and confirmed that the Greek Army and its members are characterised by proffesionalism, kindness and are very well trained.

What has to be done in my opionion is an immediate reaction and transfer of those experiences, conclusions, and way of thinking of the people that live near the borders.

… I feel honoured and thankful to all for the cooperation and the brotherly solidarity.»

Homeguard Ayis Prasitis

«It really was a fantastic experience from every aspect.

… The organization and the execution of the exercises, PARMENION-18 & BELISARIOS-18 that we had attended, was and looked perfect. The more frequent/systematic involvement in common exercises is imperative with our brothers from Greece, as well as the continuous tightening of our relationship with events like the fraternization with our respective homeguards.»

Sgt (HG) Petros Damtsas