Cooperative exercise between Cypriot and Greek land and air forces

   Within the framework of the military cooperation between Cyprus and Greece, a co-operation exercise of land and air forces took place on October 26, 2018 at the Kalo Xorio firing range.

   The exercise held in the context of the implementation of the tactics taught to the NG staff at the Military Educational Institutions and Academies of the Hellenic Armed Forces as well as to improve the procedures of tactical cooperation and to upgrade the operational training between the military personnel of the two countries.

   The ultimate objective of the exercise was to maintain and enhance operational capabilities with the appropriate and realistic training of the personnel, on topics related to Combined and Joint procedures.

   A number of AH-64A (APACHE) and CH-47D (CHINOOK) helicopters from the Hellenic Armed Forces and a corresponding number of helicopters from the NG, as well as armoured and mechanized infantry formations and special operations units, participated in the exercise.

   The exercise included a combination of tactical movements and actions at both the land and the air of the operational levels.

   It is worth noting that this small-scale exercise took place for the first time and was crowned with great success with important conclusions drawn, providing at the same time useful experiences to the participants regarding the modern Operational field and the peculiarities it presents.