Participation of CHOD at the 2nd International Conference of Land Forces

The 2nd International Conference of Land Forces held on the 27th and the 28th of September 2018 at the Hellenic Military Academy, following the collaboration of the Hellenic Army General Staff with the Institute of International Relations of the Panteion University.
The aim of the conference was to highlight and examine the role of Land Forces in the context of the "Multi-dimensional War", which is the evolution of modern operation doctrines, after 2020.
During the conference the participants had the opportunity to exchange updated views and perceptions regarding the role of land forces as a dominant component of the joint forces in the multi-dimensional field of the battle. At the same time, all the modern security issues, as well as the application of the multi dimension in Greece, have been developed.
The work of the conference was proclaimed by the Hellenic Deputy Minister of Defence, Mrs. Maria KOLLIA TSAROUCHA, while speeches were given by the Chief of the National Defence General Staff of Greece, Admiral Evangelos APOSTOLAKIS, the Chief of the General Staff of the National Guard, Lieutenant General Ilias LEONTARIS, the Chief of the Hellenic Army General Staff, Lieutenant General Alkibiades STEPHANISs, the Director of the Institute for International Relations, Mr. Charalambos PAPASOTIRIOU, the Commander of LANDCOM Lieutenant General J. THOMSON and the representative of the US ARMY EUROPE Major General J. GRONSKI.
The conference was attended by senior officers, diplomats, distinguished academics and representatives involved with security and defence issues, both from Greece and from abroad.
The conference covered 4 thematic sections, as follows:
• 1st thematic section: "International and Regional Security Environment: Addressing Challenges".
• 2nd thematic section: "Multi-Dimensional War: The Possibilities and Manoeuvres of Terrestrial Forces for Operations After 2025".
• 3rd thematic section: "Applying the Multi-Dimensional War to the Terrestrial Operational Environment of Greece and Cyprus".
• 4th thematic section: "Land Forces Command and Leadership in the Multi-Dimensional Battle Environment".
The speech of the CHOD Lieutenant General Ilias LEONTARIS entitled: "Multi-Party War in the Greece - Cyprus Operational Theatre: Challenges and Individualities", as part of the 3rd thematic sectiont has as follow.