Workshop on Secure Use of the Internet

The National Guard, in the context of June’s theme as Month of Safe Use of the Internet, organized an informative workshop titled "Safely Navigating the Internet" at the Cultural Hall of the Holy Monastery of Kykkos on June 7, 2018.

   The purpose of the workshop was to inform NG’s staff about the risks posed to the internet as well as measures to increase security when using both social media and web applications, especially when access is through a public or unknown network.
   Speakers at the meeting were Mr. Christos SOPHOKLEOUS from the Office of the Commissioner for Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation, Mr. Dimitris PAPAPETROU from the Internal Audit Department, Mr. Giorgos KARKAS from the Office for Combating Electronic Crime of the Cyprus Police, Lieutenant Colonel Dimitrios PISSANIDIS from the National Guard’s Research and Informatics Directorate and Stavros STAVROU, Associate Professor at the Open University of Cyprus.

   During the workshop, the need of the use of the Internet and the services it provides through existing web applications and social media has been emphasized, while it had been highlighted the risks to both the security of access tools and the security of personal data of the user from the careless and unreasonable use of the internet.

   In addition, an interactive workshop was conducted with the voluntary participation of the public, which demonstrated the ease of attacking a network in order to fully understanding of what was presented at the workshop by the attendees.

    At the end of the workshop, the Chief of the National Guard awarded the best posters as they were ranked from the competition that took place during this thematic month. In the conducted competition, staff from all the Formations, Directorates and Administrations of the National Guard participated in a voluntary basis

   The workshop was attended by the Commissioner for the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Posts, Mr. Giorgos MICHAILIDIS, the representative of Famagusta provincial to the parliament and member of the Parliamentary Defense Committee, Mr. Georgios CAROULAS, the NGGS leadership, the Internal Audit Officer of the Republic, Mrs. Anna ZAVOU-CHRISTOFOROU , representatives from the National Guard Commands and Formations, as well as a large number of executives, and there was also representation from the Cyprus Police.

   The Chief of NG Lt General Ilias LEONTARIS, during his address, underlined the need of the use of Internet services in the right way to avoid leaking “both our personal data and the protection of the organization we belong to”. He drew attention to the upload in the web material, which can often give very important information to malicious users, adding that the risk of cyber-attacks is now real and visible, providing as a representing example this of Estonia in 2007. He stressed the fact that mistakes that lead to problems related with leakage of information in each category are now known, prompting everyone to learn from these mistakes and not to fall into the same. In closing, he referred to the need to respect the safety rules of the operating procedures of the organization, while referring to the avoidance of actions that pose risks to the creation of windows of opportunity to users who are in the interests of our interests.

   At the end of the meeting, the Chief of the Hellenic Republic presented commemorative plaques to the speakers.