Aeronautical exercise «CYPGER-01/2018»

In the context of upgrading cooperation and deepening good relations with the Navy of other countries, not only within the European Union but also on an international level, the PASSEX aeronautical exercise was carried out for the first time with the German Navy under the code name "CYPGER-01/2018" on Tuesday, May 29, 2018.

   The International Exercise, held in the international waters south of Limassol Bay, was attended by the Republic of Cyprus, the new offshore vessel IOANNIDIS and the TSOMAKIS and GEORGIOU warships, the Navy Administration, as well as 1 AW-139 helicopter of the 460 SAR of the Air Command, as well as the K130 class Corvette "MAGDEBURG" F-261 from the German Navy.

   The purpose of the exercise, which was achieved, was to upgrade the training of the crews of the National Guard's navy and aerial means.

   The training activities involved the embarkation of liaison officers, the communications between the German Corvette and the offshore vessel IOANNIDIS, advanced maneuvers and warship formations, as well as aeronautical cooperation with the 460 SAR helicopter’s, which included, inter alia, the landings of the helicopter at the corvette heliport.

   Inclusive learning has resulted in added value in all fields of interest in the field of Maritime Art and Science.

   Successful exercises with the Navy Friendly States also contribute to the strengthening of defense diplomacy and strengthen the regional role of the Republic of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean to preserve and consolidate peace and security in the wider region.