Workshop "Hellenism in the First World War"

    The Cypriot and Greek Military History Committee, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, organized a scientific informative conference entitled "Hellenism in the First World War", which was held in the amphitheater of Aradippou Lyceum "TASOS MITSOPOULOS" in Larnaca on Wednesday, May 30, 2018.

    The workshop was under the auspices of the General Staff of the National Guard and the Hellenic Defense General Staff and was held in the framework of the continuous briefing of their staff.

    The first session of the workshop focused on the Cypriot participation in land operations and the action of Greek naval aviation units during this historical period, the contribution of the Cypriot to the Macedonian Front was demonstrated by Mr. Petros Papapoliou, Associate Professor of the University of Cyprus, while Cypriot political developments as well as the activities of naval aviation during the 1st WW were developed by Mr. Christos Kyriakides, Doctor of the University of Cyprus and the Lieutenant Panayiotis Gerontas of Navy Forces, historian, respectively.

    The second session, focused mainly on the strategic importance of Cyprus and the internal political developments of that period, the aeronautical significance of Cyprus and the prospect of its concession to Greece between 1914-1920, as well as the air operations in the 1st ' WW from the editors Dr. Zisis Fotakis, Associate Professor and member of EESI and Mr. Charalampos G. Charalambous, PhD candidate of the Department of History and Archeology of the University of Cyprus, respectively. In addition, the impact of the 1st WW on the internal front of Cyprus from the perspective of the Cypriot type of the era, by Mr. Andreas Karyos, Doctor of Cypriot History at the University of London.

    The two meetings were chaired by Major General George Rahmanidis, President of EESI and Dr Efpraxia Paschalidou, Director of the Historical Archives Service of Hellenic Army General Staff, Deputy Chairman of IESI and member of EESI, while the works were closed with the presentation of a historical documentary by the 1st WW.

    The seminar was attended by the NGGS Leadership, the Deputy Chief of the Hellenic Defense Staff, Lieutenant General Constantine Floros, representatives of the National Guard Directorates and Formations, as well as executive representations.

    The Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Ilias Leontaris, in his greeting after having thanked the Aradippou Lyceum and the local authorities for the concession of the venue, identified the purpose of the initiative as an additional stimulus for the historic upgrading of all attendees.

    He argued that the knowledge of the past written on the pages of the books is that which, given a little time to look for it, will lead us to compose the image of the past, to fully understand the reality and then to the basis of this data of reality, to create the future we want.

    In addition, he stressed the need to recognize all those who contributed to the events of history, while making reference to the challenge of correctly approaching historical events due to the lack of knowledge and the semi-understanding of the precise circumstances of the time.

    In closing, he thanked the speakers for the excellent presentation of many unknown aspects of the history of the catastrophic 1st WW and their impact on the Greek element, while expressing particular thanks to the two Military History Committees for the perfect organization and execution of the workshop.