"Reserve and Home Guard Forces: Past, Present and Future" Workshop

    The National Guard in the context of the Year of Reserve and Home Guard Forces organized a thematic seminar entitled "Reserve and Home Guard Forces: Past, Present and Future" at the Cultural Foundation of the Holy Monastery of Kykkos in Archangelos on 18 and 19 May 2018.
    The purpose of the two-day conference was to draw useful conclusions regarding the improvement of education and the produced work, as well as to optimize the participation of reservists and home guards within the activities of the National Guard.
    During the 1st day of the two-day workshop, a working group meeting was held, with the participation of reservists and home guards of the various Formations, where the conclusions of the teams, which worked for a two-month period, on issues related to the institutions of the Reserve and the Home Guard Forces, were discussed and presented.
    The 2nd day of the conference included talks on the two institutions. The speakers were, from the point of view of the Home Guard Forces, the Captain Lassaros MAVROS and Captain Kostas KALOGIROU, who cited the respective historical aspects of members of the National Guard in the struggles of the Nation as well as thoughts and concerns about the present day regarding the institution Guards. On behalf of the Reserve Forces, the reservist private Zinonas TZIRARAS and the Second Lieutenant Lambros KAOULLAS, who referred to the characteristics of modern foreign policy of Turkey and to the evolutionary course of the National Revolution in the early years of the Republic of Cyprus, respectively, quoted the chronicle path of the two thematic units. In addition to the above, a presentation of the actions of the Reserve and the Home Guard Forces carried out by the Hellenic Army General Staff in 2017 and a presentation of the conclusions reached by the previous day's working groups took place.
    The event was attended by the Commissioner for Volunteerism and Non-Governmental Organizations, Mr. Yiannis YIANNAKIS, the heads of the National Guards General Staff, the Director of Reserve Directorate of the Hellenic Army General Staff, Brigadier General Nicholaos PAPALIOURAS, representatives and a number of reservists and home guards of Commands and Formations of the National Guard as well as executive representations.
    In his address, Mr. YIANNAKIS underlined the importance of such initiatives as the specific two-day conference and stated that the Volunteer Committee is open to synergies wherever possible.
    The Chief of the NG, Lieutenant-General Ilias LEONTARIS, in his address stressed the importance of the institutions of the Reserve and the Home Guard Forces for the NG. He pointed out that the NG, recognizing this importance, proclaimed 2018 as the "Year of Reserve and Home Guard Forces" in order to highlight their valuable contribution and, on the other hand, to explore the ways that will lead to their optimal exploitation, through their further active participation, in the light of feasibility and desirability. He referred to the obligation of all those in the two institutions to give examples of the writing given by the Home Guards over time, while referring to the actions of the HAGS in the year 2017 on the subject, welcomed and encouraged further cooperation between the Directorates of Reservists and the Home Guard of the NG and the HAGS. In closing, he referred to the Turkey's emerging geopolitical and geostrategic approach to international developments, while stressing the fact that the NG is working on a day-to-day basis in accordance with laws and regulations, performing its work in order and discipline.
   At the end of the meeting, the Chief of the NG presented commemorative plaques to the speakers.